Hello. We're Cocojungle.

We work with clients to understand what they expect from spaces, the sensations they want to feel, their musical tastes and their travel fanatasies.

Cocojungle is a Mumbai-based, plant decor studio born out of a passion for interior design, natural materials, music and tropical plants. Our portfolio encompasses the entire spectrum of design from high-end residential to luxury restaurant spaces. We custom design products for interiors and terraces.  

Before launching her studio, head creative, Tina Mehta, started out as a brand consultant in New York and subsequently in Mumbai. Working closely with the world’s best graphic designers and creative directors, she gradually developed her own signature style - lush, moody and poetic. 

With the use of plant sensory techniques, curated playlists and a highly collaborative process, we dig into our clients’ personalities and lifestyles to create a sensory experience with plants and clay.  

These collections are our first attempts at making it easy to bring unique plants to your home or workplace. And a piece of tropicalia from your favourite island.